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Ian Campbell

It's an envision thing...


Photography is my passion.  I’m a late starter but a fast learner, and my only regret is that the age of digital photography didn’t come sooner!

Like many photographers, a hobby has evolved into an obsession and is now a way of life.  I started taking snaps of my kids and have ended up getting up at stupid o’clock to get to the middle of nowhere, just so I can catch the right light.

My background is in technology; an engineer and an architect, and I guess that’s part of why photography sits well with me; I love the technical side. But that’s only part of the story.  For me photography is perfect blend technical know-how, artistic inspiration, determination and luck. Yes luck! Luck is the glue that brings the other three elements together, and luck is generated by persevering with all the other three as well.

Am I lucky? Well sometimes, hopefully as you can see from my site…you decide.

I’m based in West Yorkshire, UK. I hope you like my images. Thank you for looking.


Zoom in, Click On, Check Out.

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